CA Staffing

Each Association has different staffing requirements. At Condominium Associates, we screen, hire and manage your staff based on your property needs. Every company has a handful of All-Stars, but what if you had an All-Star Team supporting your needs? We believe that collaboration, communication, respect, and the understanding of personality styles are key components in hiring our CA All-Star Team Members. We have a full service Human Resources department that vet every candidate for your company, this includes a full background, reference and Licensure verification. Upon selection, an assessment of the individual employee is done and the appropriate training and orientation schedule is customized to fit the employee’s needs. As the employee goes through training, they are introduced to all of the executive staff and ownership team, as well as all department heads. It is within this process that the company culture is born, established, and reinforced. Depending on the job, the new employee will meet their immediate supervisor and a clear plan with objectives and goals will be established. At that point, the employee will be ready to begin work and will be managed based on our standard operating procedures for the position they were hired to fill.