What’s New in Our Industry?

Condominium Associates has a new look and a new way of running the company. Our clients are our highest priority. The customer comes first. An old concept right? Well at Condominium Associates we want to take the great concepts of the past and refresh them with new, innovative “Out-of-the-Box Thinking” that will make us leaders in our industry and help our associations become forward thinkers.


We have introduced fresh new ideas into our protocols to help better serve our clients and protect their assets. This year we unveiled our exciting new Cyber Guard+ program. No other management company offers this safeguarding approach to protecting the association’s money on a daily basis. Cyber Crime affects millions of people on a daily basis and this great new program protects our clients from that very threat. The only way to protect our association’s money is to closely monitor it. Therefore, we instituted a procedure for reconciling our clients operating and reserve accounts every 24-hours, thereby allowing us to check for fraudulent activity. Insurance policies don’t offer this level of service and if they did, the cost would far exceed our pass-through costs for this great program. By providing Cyber Guard+ to our clients, we are not only helping our association board members meet their fiduciary obligations, but we are helping to protect our client’s money as well as the volume of their biggest assets, their home or investment property. Our clients can now have peace of mind knowing that their money is safe.

Going Green is not just a phrase. It’s really an opportunity for associations to save money and help the environment. When the Florida Statute allows, we use mass e-mailing as our preferred means of daily communication. We are working on recycling programs, solar energy alternatives and many other energy saving options for our associations. We want to be an industry leader, so that we can help all of our associations implement membership initiatives and alternatives for a better greener tomorrow. Our associations are excited about this concept and want to be a part of green initiatives to ensure a new future for association living.

James Rachael